Thursday, 25 March 2010

The original mad hatter

... except probably not so mad. Just real and knows what he likes and what he does not.

Yes tomorrow is the day I interview the one and only Mr. Philip Treacy!

My oh my, today has been a long 'un, watching SHOWstudio all day long counted as 'research' into this upcoming interview, as it was the day Mr. Treacy created a unique hat live on camera to be sold after April 3rd on the SHOWstudio Shop.

Images of Philip Treacy hats, thanks to google and the websites involved.

I have drafted the questions I am dying to ask him... only problem is, they're 3 bloody pages long. Which will take me forever, and I only have an hour to spare before having to rush back to the train station to (hopefully) make it to Waterloo in time to catch the train back home.

Great news though, we are visiting his studio in Battersea... there's just something about studio spaces that I love, I find that they are much more personal than a home setting for some reason - it is where the energy is, where the magic happens. Maybe it's got something to do with me being a hopeless creative... and yes, that is me re-inventing the term 'hopeless romantic'.

Well Mr. T, we can't wait to see you, and please for the love of all things fashion, please please like us!

I always get nervous before an interview, because you don't know the person. First impressions count for everything, and hopefully we will make a good one tomorrow, hopefully Mr. Pig will like us too :-)