Thursday, 22 April 2010


What do you do when you're just not passionate about something anymore?

This whole writing process how drained the hell out of me & I don't know how to get the quirky style back into what I's so flipping frustrating!!

Thoughts i've had:

I want to look at pictures all day and not see more than 3 words beneath it (yes, that's how sick of words i am!)

I am craving pop tarts, and ice cream... then more pop tarts... and then sugar mice.... really can't be good brain food but it's comforting when i want to rip my hair out with frustration!

OVERLOAD on online shopping... i even spent £30 at asda online yesterday just so that i could have a ton of stuffed crust pizza's to comfort me some more. (can you see a pattern here!?)

I have tried to read fashion writing books to tell me the answer, they tell me NOTHING. Damn you fashion books and your vague overviews, you are no help!

Ideas to be more quirky:

Quirk it up by thinking about funny dance moves. (like the running man)

Wear bright pink dms everyday just for the sheer hell of it.

Open my window and listen to the music from two doors down, and watch the cats watching birds. (thinking mmm dinner)

Get drunk? I wonder what creativity will flow then...or will i just write an abomination of curses instead of real words?

Watch passionate movies - get in touch with the drama again. drama is an interesting idea really - Maybe it's this part that is missing?

Or maybe I need to find little quirky facts about each topic.... like i wrote for Viv W: she went knickerless to pick up her OBE (oh my!)