Thursday, 25 February 2010

God bless Sophie Callé...

My goodness what a long week it has been, I have missed my social life so much, not to mention my extremely thrilled to be back in contact with the world again, I swear by this time next fashion week Vodafone WILL give me a blackberry.

I forgot to mention this last week before I shot off for London Fashion Week, but I discovered the most amazing little (well, its actually not so little) book by Sophie Callé entitled 'Take care of yourself'. A rather interesting title would you not say?

Well, whilst flipping through the crisp yet almost transluscent pages of this book, I discovered that it was all centered around one significant moment in Ms. Callé's life - a letter she had received from a man, breaking up with her.

Now... this was no ordinary letter... no no no... it was kind of encrypted, so much so that if many people were to read it they would all have a different opinion and viewpoint of what the situation was. So, the author did just that and asked a selection of around 107 different women, from different professions and backgrounds to interpret this letter in their own style.

It was interesting to note that not everyone analysed this text in the same way. Some preferred to annotate and draw meaning from that, whereas some used the letter as inspiration for a piece of art. One person even used the letter to play a game of chess.

I have to say, I love this original method of creating a large piece of writing and it will certainly be something I am keen to take forward for use on '3rd Floor'.

Some images of the book: