Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Yay! Finally got my Cadbury 'caramel nibbles' scarf!

Wahoo! My beautiful new caramel nibbles scarf has arrived! For those of you that don't know, these scarves were designed exclusively by Giles Deacon for the new cadburys caramel bunny to don, alongside a fantabulous strapless dress, which was once again created by the great Mr. Deacon himself. (See below for bunny pics!)

there she is in all her finery..

To get my hands on this scarf for free.. thats right... FREE! I, alongside many other hopefuls, took part in an online treasure this I mean that the bunny lead all of her followers around the internet in search of a 'pop-up shop' that would appear on sponsor websites. So, we all logged onto facebook to keep an eye on the caramel bunny's movements - as she would be annoucing where certain 'pop-up shops' would be situated at different times of the day.

The first came at 4pm ( 2 thursdays ago I think?) at I'm sure most of you would, by now, be religious followers of this AMAZING site...I mean honestly, is there nothing they don't have!?? LOVE Asos... anyway back to the topic..

Unfortunately, I got to 2nd in the queue of around 2000 people at Asos' pop up shop...and then got booted off the server! I was NOT happy, after waiting around for the bunny since about 11am after getting back from uni for the day.

So... determined not to be beaten... I tried again at the 2nd pop up shop....on and HURRAH!! I was greeted by a lovely shop lady addressing my scarf to be posted out in the next few days!

Later on that evening, I'm pretty sure played host to the pop up shop... but don't hold me on that cause I decided to go out celebrating my scarf success!

It arrived earlier this morning, and I absolutely ADORE it! Its so good for a free scarf too... not tiny in size... not compramising on quality...exactly what you'd expect from a Giles Deacon product...

They're actually on sale now in John Lewis stores for £15 if you want to check it out yourselves.... i'd say even though it was a free's still worth buying, and you can't really say that for a lot of things nowadays can you!?

Heres some pics of my scarf...

and now...

I also got my new snood yesterday...

for those of you that don't know what a snood is.... they were HUGE in the 1980's... and are a cross between a scarf & a hood...hence the name 'snood'! (not very creative...but hey.)


In light of this... I have decided to have a kind of 'scarf-off' between these two new wardrobe pieces....

which do you think wins? Comment below :-)


Hmm... I dont know why i'm appearing purple/blue....i'm not a smurf... really.

Nibbles scarf as a snood? Hm...maybe not...


Jo Clair


Friday, 6 November 2009


Hi, just started this blog, it's very late at night now, so am going to rest up in bed before starting the blog up soon! More than likely to do with a project I am doing at the moment on the publication '3rd floor'.... heard of it? ...

....well you should have.

'3rd Floor' is run by a select group of Solent Uni students and comes out exclusively once a year! This publication is set to become one of the coveted 'bibles' of fashion publications...apart from the glorious Vogue of course... ;-)

Ciao for now,

Jo Clair